About US


S&B HOME CLEANING provides reliable cleaning services. Our expert cleaners offer superior commercial and domestic cleaning services

Our staff are vastly experienced, polite and reliable. We are focused on delivering high quality cleaning and a reliable, trustworthy business relationship. We supervise our staff and inspect the quality we are delivering to ensure it is of the highest quality and we are always available should you have any concerns.

We can give you the freedom to pursue all of your interests. When you hire S&B HOME CLEANING, we will take care of your home or business and let you do the things you love. The choice is one of the best economic and time saving ideas you could have, because we can get twice the cleaning done in half the amount of time it would normally take you.

When you give us a call and hire us to clean for you, you will feel happy that you have the time to get back to what matters in life. Enjoy your free time, your family, friends, and neighbours. Leave the cleaning to the professionals: us.